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Scripture cases, totes, or covers: what is the difference?

Scripture cases, totes, or covers: what is the difference?

Although some people use them interchangeably, there are differences between what constitutes a scripture case, a scripture cover, and a scripture tote.  People will invariably define case, tote, and cover differently, but here is how I categorize them:

Scripture Cases: A scripture case typically has a zipper.  The case is made to fit the book of scripture exactly with little to no variance of space inside.  Simply put, it’s a form-fitting, zipper-enclosed case for your scripture.

Scripture Totes: I tend to think of a tote as an oversized case with carry handles.  Scripture totes tend to have some extra room inside and although they can carry your scriptures, they could also fit some extras. They also have a zipper enclosure and may or may not have a zipper pocket on the side.

Scripture Covers: The difference between a scripture case and a scripture cover is subjective. They are so similar that we tend to use them interchangeably.  Like the scripture case, the scripture cover is also designed to fit the book of scripture exactly.  The only difference may be the lack of a zipper enclosure.  Essentially if you have a scripture case without a zipper enclosure, it’s really a scripture cover. However, you could also argue that a scripture cover can have a zipper.  Your choice.


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