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Shipping & Delivery

Most in-stock items ship within 1-2 business days and emails are sent from with tracking numbers. If you're concerned about shipping time, check the shipping details of the item in question.  This will show you how soon that particular item ships and whether or not it ships separately from other items. Those items that ship separately may require additional shipping time and certain shipping methods like overnight or Express may not apply. 

Be default, most items are shipped via the United States Postal Service (unless you choose otherwise) and can be sent to any address or PO Box where regular mail is delivered. 

Please note that USPS Priority mail service may show 2 or 3 day delivery.  This is usually true from the time the package ships but USPS does not guarantee it.  Again, if you are concerned about delivery time, please contact us to verify that it will arrive in the needed time frame.


Shipping with the United States is relatively quick and tracking numbers are provided for all shipping services. 


Disclaimer: All international shipments are non-refundable--no exceptions.

We will ship to the address using the method you specify.  International shipping methods have tracking numbers; however, whether or not the tracking continues after leaving the United States depends on the service selected and on the destination country.

Most often, the cheapest method is USPS First Class International.  You are given a tracking number but usually the tracking cuts off after leaving the country. Higher cost services, such as International Priority or Express, may offer additional tracking within the destination country. 

Many missionary moms worry about the package getting lost when sending it to their son or daughter abroad.  Again, it largely depends on the country, but from our experience, it's extremely rare that an item gets lost.  Even within the last year, we have sent numerous packages to Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, France, Germany, and more without any problems.