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Tipica Scripture Case Set for LDS Bible & Triple

Original price $24.95 - Original price $32.95
Original price
$24.95 - $32.95
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A matching set of Tipica scripture cases designed to fit the LDS Bible and Triple in various sizes. Please select the size you need followed by the desired pattern.  Once you click the desired pattern, an actual picture of the scripture cases in that pattern will appear in the main window.  You can then click on the loaded image to enlarge and see details.  If you are unsure of the size of your scriptures, please consult our size chart.  

Tipica is a colorful cotton, hand-woven material that comes from Central America.  The covers are handmade and include a naugahyde interior lining to protect scriptures against water.  Each case has a zipper enclosure and inner flaps to hold the front and back book cases in place.

Price is for the set (two cases —one for the Bible, one for the Triple) and may fluctuate depending on the selected size.

Regarding pattern choices: If a pattern isn’t available for the selected scripture size, it will be crossed out.  If you select a pattern and need to change your size, please de-select the pattern before selecting the new size. As our patterns change frequently, we only sell items in stock and don’t accept backorders.

Size Legend:

  • Reg English: Only fits the standard sizes of the English Triple and Bible measuring 5.25 inches wide (13.3 cm) by 7.25 inches (18.4 cm) tall; Triple thickness: 0.94 inches (2.4 cm), Bible thickness: 1.6 inches (4 cm).

  • Reg Spanish: Fits both Spanish and Portuguese Triple and Bible sets. May also fit other foreign languages measuring 5.7 inches (14.5 cm) wide by 8.5 inches (21.6 cm) tall. Triple thickness: 0.98 inches (2.5 cm), Bible thickness: 1.45 inches (3.7 cm).

  • Large English: Only fits the large sizes of the English Triple and Bible measuring 6.5 inches (16 cm) wide by 9.5 inches (24 cm) tall; Triple thickness: 0.94 inches (2.4 cm), Bible thickness: 1.6 inches (4 cm).

Additional Information

SKU: SC-100-Regular-English-Miza

Shipping Information: Usually Ships Within 1-2 Business Days

Material: Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Ty Henrie
Good cases

Fit well, and I like the color scheme I chose. They definitely feel like quality, so I should be able to use them for a while.

Allen Johnston

Works great

Fast shipment

Thank you so very much for the quick delivery. I really like my covers!

Saved my mission scriptures

If you are thinking about getting these, do it!

My MTC companion introduced me to LDS Honey when we were in the online MTC and I bought a set of dark blue for my Spanish scriptures. They literally saved my scriptures during my mission. They are super durable and protected my scriptures from going in and out of bags, being moved everywhere, biking, hot sun, high humidity, wind, light rain, etc., my bag was very narrow so I would have to put things on top of other things, and they never had a problem, but I had to be super careful with everything else (especially my mini PMG, which got completely destroyed in my backpack)! The scriptures in these cases never had a problem.
Other missionaries, members, and friends all loved them. Quite a few missionaries in my mission had LDS Honey scripture cases and I never heard of anyone ever having a problem with them. I saw some that got a little worn and faded from constant use and sun, but still looked great and were holding up well!
I also love that they zip up because you can put so much extra paper, like notes and pictures, stickers for kids, etc., in them and nothing falls out. Everything is kept so well together.
I constantly recommend LDS Honey to anyone who asks about my scripture cases and have bought more since my mission for English triples.
I wish they had ones for just a single Book of Mormon!

Great cases

They look fantastic and fit well